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Erase Joint Pain In Only One Hour With This Weird Cabbage Trick

Posted by Brian Bigelow on

Erase Joint Pain In Only One Hour With This Weird Cabbage Trick

Cabbage isn’t the most popular or stylish vegetable. Despite its high content of healthy vitamins, minerals, and fiber, many of us just can’t get past the flavor (or smell!). 

That’s why we’ve come bearing good news for those who don’t think the nutritional boost is worth the taste: you don’t have to eat cabbage to benefit from it. If you’ve got pain in your joints, the leafy green can actually effectively double as a compress to treat it. So, unless you’ve got taste buds on your elbows or knees, you won’t be tasting it at all. 

There are a number of reasons this natural treatment is one of the best ways to treat joint pain. It’s a better alternative than around the clock anti-inflammatory pills, which can cause stomach ulcers, or constantly applying ice, which isn’t nearly as effective and offers very temporary relief.1

There’s even a word for a medical wrap made from organic matter; in the natural medicine field, it’s known as a “poultice.” If you’re interested in treating your joint pain from home with your own poultice, follow the simple instructions below. 

Wrap Your Leg With This
"Organic Medical Wrap" For One Hour

First, you'll need:

  • Cabbage (red cabbage works best)
  • A bandage or medical wrap  
  • Aluminum foil 
  • An oven
  • A rolling pin, glass bottle, or other crushing implement

Here's how to make the wrap:

  1. Peel the outer leaves off of your cabbage, wash thoroughly, dry, and place them on a cutting board. 
  2. Cut the hard stems out of the leaves. Once you’ve removed all stems, use your rolling pin or other implement to gently mash the cabbage leaves and release their juices.
  3. Wrap the bruised cabbage leaves in aluminum foil and place them in the oven for a few minutes. They should be warm and pliable, but not hot.
  4. Apply a layer of the warmed cabbage leaves to the painful joint. Use a medical wrap to hold them in place. You can also apply aluminum foil over the wrap to keep the poultice warm and moist.
  5. Elevate the affected area. The poultice can be left on for up to an hour, two to three times a day (use fresh cabbage leaves for each new wrap).
  6. After an hour, discard your cabbage poultice. You should feel some immediate relief which can continue into the following days. 

Pain Relief In Only One Hour:
It's Cheap, Safe & Effective

The poultice offers relief by releasing anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant known to fight inflammation and joint pain. As the antioxidants bleed out of the cabbage leaves, they can actually be absorbed through the skin and get to the affected area very quickly. Anthocyanins are found in higher concentrations in red cabbage, which is why it is preferred to green for wraps.2 

Throughout history, different peoples have used cabbage for its anti-inflammatory effects. The Greeks believed that it had medicinal properties, and sailors used it as a nutritious source of nourishment that could also fight scurvy. Legend has it that sailors on Captain Cook’s voyages were saved from gangrene by doctors who applied cabbage poultices to their wounds.3

This isn’t just an ancient remedy either. In some Swiss hospitals, rheumatoid arthritis patients are treated with cabbage wraps overnight.4  The treatment is being increasingly recognized as low cost, low risk, and effective. What’s best of all is that it’s an easy do-it-yourself treatment method.

Next time your knee, ankle, or elbow starts acting up, don’t reach for the pills. Try this natural remedy instead. Your aching joints, wallet, and stomach lining will all be grateful for your choice.

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